Reflections Program
July 14, 2014

Reflections Program


This is a program that I participated in where we discussed the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ.  

There are countless religions on the planet. They do not all teach the very same thing. In reality, many of them counter each other. Can they all be true or is there only one true way? Heidi Suhrheinrich and Scott Dossett interview Rev. Jason "Jae" Gottman, pastor of First Christian Church; and Rev. Brandt Lyon, Pastor of Twelve Oaks Baptist Church. Sponsored by Paducah Cooperative Ministry, Reflections spotlights local community-based ministries, engages pastors and faith leaders in study of scripture, examines issues facing the community, and explores PCM's varied services and programs. Paducah 2 Television is produced through the facilities and administration of West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

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